Islington is one of the most unequal places in the country.

We face stark economic inequality, but also inequalities in health, opportunities, and access to services. The lives of poorer residents can be up to 8 years shorter than wealthier residents.

A driver of inequality is high property prices and rents. Islington is home to some of the most expensive property in the UK, but the median wage is close to the national average.

Many areas of Islington rank highly on the Index of Multiple Deprivation (you can read more about what this measures on the UK Government website, here), with wealth and income levels below that required to live a fulfilled life. This affects the entire borough; there are neighbourhoods in each ward that are among the poorest 20% in England. Around a fifth of households are workless or income deprived.

Islington is also one of the most densely populated boroughs in the country. This means that feelings of inequality can be intensified, because people live next to what they cannot access. This means that thousands of people are unable to access the amazing opportunities our borough has to offer.

What we are doing to tackle inequality

We believe everyone in Islington deserves a good life. We want people to connect with each other, to feel part of their communities, and to be able to create positive change.

Our partners are giving space, time, and a voice to local communities to help build better, friendlier neighbourhoods.

The Good Neighbours Scheme has been run by local partners Help on Your Doorstep since 2013. In Canonbury, King’s Cross and Caledonian Road it reaches out to thousands of local people. Many of them give their time each week, starting football sessions for local children, yoga classes for the community, and getting together to do some gardening. You can read more about Ernie and his Good Neighbours in Canonbury.

You can see the other ways giving can change lives in your borough by using our interactive map.

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