Funding projects that provide mental health support for people facing homelessness in Islington.

At Islington Giving, one of our three main aims is to ‘Improve Mental Health for everyone and connect people who are isolated’. Through our consultation with local voluntary and statutory groups and people we know that some local people who are at risk of homelessness and experiencing co-existing disadvantages could benefit from mental health support but find there are a lack of services that are accessible to them. We have called this fund Mind the Gap, referring to the gap between support systems that people facing multiple challenges often find themselves in, adversely impacting their potential for recovery. 

Mind the Gap fund


We have a total of £150,000 to fund projects in Islington. The maximum grant is likely to be £30,000 (more can be requested by two or more groups working in collaboration). This can include multi-year funding. 

We are looking for projects working with adults who are homeless/at risk of homelessness and: 

  • Experiencing mental ill-health and/or
  • At risk of exploitation or abuse and/or
  • In contact with the Criminal Justice System and/or
  • Using substance

We would like to invite applications from projects that provide one or more of the following: 

  • Psychological / mental health interventions, to include 1 to 1 support.
  • Advocacy, advice or support for beneficiaries to navigate and access the mental health services they need.
  • Coproduction opportunities advocating for wider system-change to improve mental health support for people who experience homelessness in Islington.

We will consider proposals for new/pilot projects, or those which continue or add to a project that is already established. 

Deadline for applications is Midnight on Friday 28th April 2023 

Applying to this fund

Please read the application guidelines and apply online here.

Multiple groups applying in collaboration can request more than £30,000 if this would create a more useful intervention for individuals, and the system more widely.

This is not a large fund. Please read the criteria and think carefully about whether to apply. You can always have a chat to us first: laura.guy@cripplegate.org.uk 

If you are requesting project funding over multiple years, please consider including an inflationary uplift in your budget/proposal.

Final grant decisions will be made in mid-June 2023.

This fund has been made possible by a donation to Islington Giving from Google. 

Need some extra help?

If you have any questions, please contact our Programme Manager, Laura Guy, laura.guy@cripplegate.org.uk or 020 7288 6942 .