Older People

Older people in Islington are poorer than the rest of the UK.

Our older people experience the fourth worst levels of income deprivation in England. Around two fifths of older people in Islington (roughly 8,500 people) are registered for Pension Credit. This rate is considerably higher than those for London and England.

Many of our older neighbours experience high levels of loneliness and isolation. Feelings of loneliness can threaten physical and mental health, with long-term implications. One of the challenges faced by older Islington residents is that they are smaller in number than in other parts of the country. Around 21,000 Islington residents – approximately 9% of the total population – are over 65. This is a lower proportion than the London or UK average.

However, our Saturday Socials partners bring younger and older neighbours together.

Making Saturdays Social for our Older Neighbours

Our partners All Change, Cubitt Education, and North London Cares, make Saturdays social for older Islington residents. Whether making new memories through art and creativity, or building friendships with young professionals, the weekly activities give older people the space and time to socialise. You can read about John and June’s weekends making memories, here.

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