Our Partners

People and organisations who give to Islington

The people, businesses, and other organisations who give to Islington Giving are the reason we have been able to support over 20,000 people in Islington since we started in 2010.

If you are reading this and you have given to Islington in that time, thank you.


Funded partner organisations

We award funding to carefully selected partner organisations who are experts at tackling the complex challenges faced by Islington residents.

They work in inspiring and varied ways, right across the borough. Each day, they

  • Connect people who are isolated
  • Support families having a tough time
  • Improve mental health for everyone
  • Make sure young people have the best chance in life
  • Promote volunteering as a way for people to feel part of their community.

Our Board

Our Board Members are responsible for setting our strategy, monitoring our finances, growing our reach, and making funding decisions. It is made up of local residents, and representatives of donor organisations and businesses that support our local work. Members, and the organisations they represent, are listed below:

  • Sarah Lee (Chair) – Cripplegate Foundation
  • Maggie Elliott (Vice Chair) – Cloudesley
  • Fiona Rawes – City Bridge Trust
  • Stephen Burns – Peabody
  • James Kempton – Cripplegate Foundation
  • Leigh Harrison – Macquarie
  • Lucy Palfreyman – Paul Hamlyn Foundation
  • Dominic Jones – The Morris Charitable Trust
  • Manny Wiafe – Cripplegate Foundation

The BIG Alliance (Businesses for Islington Giving)

In 2012, alongside our partners at the Macquarie Group Foundation and East London Business Alliance (ELBA), we founded the BIG Alliance (Businesses for Islington Giving), to match the skills, energy, and experience of businesses with our local community, schools, and spaces.

London’s Giving

We are proud to be at the forefront of the place-based giving movement, a new way of connecting people with their communities to create change. This approach is growing nationwide.

As the first ‘Giving’ in London, we inspired the London’s Giving movement, which is now active in 20 boroughs.