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Your Giving


People who care about Islington are giving to change lives for good. Find out how you can join them.

Red Money

Give Regularly

By giving monthly, you can support long-term life changing work in Islington.
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Turqouise Young People

Become a Friend

Become a Friend of Islington Giving by giving monthly to support life changing work in Islington.
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Lp Money

Give a one-off gift

Our running costs are covered, so every penny you give will be spent changing lives for good in Islington.
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Red Time

Giving Time

Thousands of local people give time to help their neighbours. Find out how you can give time here.
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Turqouise Giving As A Business

Giving as a Business

We make it easy for businesses to show how much they care about their community.
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Lp Space

Giving Space

People and businesses give space that can be used by the local community. Find out more here.
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Red Giving Socially

Giving Socially

Give today by helping spread the word.
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