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Our running costs are covered, so every penny you give will be spent changing lives for good in Islington.

Everything you give matters

Become a supporter of Islington Giving by giving today. You can support life changing work in Islington, and help us to:

  • Connect people who are isolated
  • Support families having a tough time
  • Improve mental health for everyone
  • Make sure young people have the best chance in life

Because our administration costs are covered by our founders, every penny you give will be spent in your community.

There are a number of ways you can give today.

Please do get in touch if you would like to talk to us about your gift, using or by phoning 020 7288 6941

If you prefer, you can also give today by sending a cheque, payable to 'Islington Giving', to 13 Elliott's Place, London N1 8HX.

Make your giving go further

Your giving can help change even more lives if you are eligible for Gift Aid.

Find out whether you are eligible for Gift Aid on the UK Government website.

If you are eligible, please complete and return the form using the link below, and your gift will be worth 25% more.

Our promise to our supporters

Our promise to our supporters is that your money is well spent. Because everything we do is local, you can connect with inspiring work, and with other people who are committed to making change in the borough.

You can see the difference your giving can make near your home by using our interactive map.

We'll also keep you in touch on what interests you (unless you tell us you'd rather not hear from us).

Keep in touch

We send out a monthly e-newsletter to supporters and other people who want to find out more about inspiring things happening in Islington. You can sign up to receive this here.

You can also contact us any time using