About us

Islington Giving is a coalition of local people, businesses and organisations working together to raise funds, support communities and projects, and connect with each other in Islington. 

Together, we work to bring about positive change that makes Islington a more equal place for everyone. Our vision of Islington is a strong, connected community where everyone has the opportunity to live a good life. Our strategic priorities are: 

  • Raising funds: We aim to raise funds to support local projects that create a greater sense of community.
  • Sharing power: We will continue to share decision making with residents through resident-led grant making and governance roles.
  • Increasing access: We will work to increase access to opportunities for residents, to help people in Islington live a good life.
  • Reducing isolation: We will fund programmes that create community connections and reduce isolation.
  • Sharing learning: We will listen to and learn from our partners, share learning and work to influence the funding sector positively.

Working with our partners, since 2010 we have:

  • Motivated thousands of people locally to give money, time, and expertise to their local community.
  • Collaborated with local partners to support over 30,000 people in Islington.
  • Worked with our partner, BIG Alliance, we have encouraged over 9,000 people to give their time and skills to change lives.
  • Worked with over 130 local organisations to support life-changing activities for local people.
  • Inspired the founding of London’s Giving and 20 other local giving schemes across London.
Islington Giving is a restricted fund of Cripplegate Foundation, registered charity number 207499. 

Islington is full of opportunities, but it is also one of the most unequal places in the country. With our partners, we work to tackle the entrenched inequality and poverty in the borough.

Our work focuses on four main areas: raising funds to support local projects, increasing access to opportunities, reducing isolation and sharing decision-making power with residents.

The Islington Giving community includes everyone who gives support, money, time, space, ideas or networks to help change lives. We also help make it easy for people to give. 

London’s Giving is a network of funders working together to create a more equitable city. As the founding member, Islington Giving is committed to driving positive change in our borough and beyond.