What we do

We raise funds, give grants and share power to support local people and projects in Islington.

Islington Giving is a coalition of local people and organisations, working together to raise funds, to support communities and projects, to share local knowledge, and to connect each other in Islington. Our work is inclusive of all residents, and we know that when we work together, we can create positive social impact. 

With the support of our parent charity, Cripplegate Foundation, our coalition partners, local businesses and people, we work to bring about change that makes Islington a more equal place for everyone. Find out more about what we do using the links below.

We work to bring together local people, businesses and organisations to maximise the resources available to the community – and make Islington a place where everyone can thrive.

Whether it’s through our partnerships or funding programmes, we want more people in Islington to be aware of, and have access to, opportunities that help them live a good life. 

Having supportive connections and feeling safe are integral parts of our mental and wellbeing. We want to create opportunities for people to connect to each other, local communities, services and support.

We want more people across Islington to develop new skills in order to influence decisions and have more involvement and a stronger voice with local matters that affect their lives.

Shift power more equally with residents