Eligibility & FAQs

We help local organisations apply for funding through our grant programmes. Read about our general eligibility and get answers to your questions in our FAQs.  

Islington Giving is a coalition of local partners and people working together to raise funds and support projects in Islington. We are funded by individuals, trusts, foundations and companies. You can find out more about who supports us and how to get involved on our support us pages. As a restricted fund of the Cripplegate Foundation (reg. charity number 207499) all of our admin costs are covered by the Foundation, so 100% of funds donated to Islington Giving go to support local activities and projects.

In 2010, Cripplegate Foundation brought together local and national organisations to establish Islington Giving in response to the ‘Invisible Islington’ report, which revealed some of the many interconnected obstacles people in the borough face in escaping poverty. Cripplegate Foundation chairs the board of Islington Giving, which has raised over £9 million since 2010. The Foundation also manages and finances all the operational work underpinning Islington Giving, meaning 100% of funds raised through Islington Giving are spent on local projects that have the greatest impact for local people.

Cripplegate Foundation and Islington Giving have a small, passionate, and talented staff team. Cripplegate Foundation is overseen by 15 Governors (equivalent to trustees) who make a huge contribution to our success, and Islington Giving has its own board which includes representatives from leading coalition partners.

To be eligible to apply for funding through any of Islington Giving’s own or partner programmes your organisation must be:

  • A registered charity
  • A registered Community Interest Company
  • A registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation
  • A charitable company or Social Enterprise
  • A constituted organisation
  • An unincorporated organisation with a management committee of at least 3 people

Islington Giving only funds organisations working to improve the lives of people living in our area of benefit – which covers the borough of Islington and a small area of the Cripplegate ward.

Since 2010, we have built a great track-record of funding projects for good. Our practical, action-focused giving supports work across the whole borough. Together with our partners and supporters, our main areas of focus are:

  1. Raise more funds to support local projects that create a greater sense of a community Islington.
  2. Increase access to opportunities for all residents in Islington.
  3. Reduce isolation and create connections for all residents in Islington.
  4. Share decision making more equally with residents, such as through resident-led grant making and governance roles.

As a coalition, share our learning more widely.

Sometimes, but we will always prioritise funding for local charities based in Islington. Consideration will be given to other charities not based in the borough or those with national headquarters in Islington when there are no local alternatives and/or the organisation can offer a better service/more value for money to local residents.

No; we do not directly fund individuals. However, Islington Giving supports individuals through our partner programmes, campaigns and appeals, including the Islington Crisis Appeal, in which our local partners distribute the funds on our behalf.

Yes, but not all our grants and programmes are open all year, and each will have its own duration and closing date. However, our Disability Fund, which is available to organisations who have received funding from Islington Giving, Cripplegate Foundation or Islington Council’s Community Chest in the last 18 months, is open all year.

At Islington Giving we believe that to make the borough a more equal place, where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, the people who access, take part in and benefit from the projects we fund should be a part of the decision-making process about how our grants are awarded. Since the first Young Grant Makers programme in 2018, we have been building on and developing our participatory grant making programmes.

Over the past five years, our residents’ panels have involved 81 residents and given out over £870,000 of funding to local voluntary groups. All panellists are paid the London Living Wage for their time.

Whether it’s organising a fundraising event, or helping us promote our work, there are many ways you can get involved as a business. We would love to chat with you about how you and your business can get involved, so please get in touch today.  Contact Lisa Robinson, Director of Fundraising & Communications on lisa.robinson@islingtongiving.or.uk or call 020 7288 6941.

Thank you! Without supporters like you, we could not continue to fund amazing community projects all over Islington. There are many ways you can get involved  to help change the lives of local people – from donating directly via our website, to taking on your own fundraising challenge or event. Is your birthday coming up soon? Create a Facebook fundraiser and make it even more meaningful, or start your fundraiser with Just Giving.

If you have any questions and/or ideas, we would love to chat with you about how you can get involved, so please get in touch today.  Contact the Fundraising & Communications team on: mail@islingtongiving.org.uk or call 020 7288 6941.