Sparking joy in Islington✨

Islington is facing a loneliness crisis. For someone feeling isolated or alone, your kind words could have a big impact. Share a message of hope and kindness to an isolated neighbour – and help us spark joy across Islington. 💜

41% of older people live alone in Islington.

Living alone, as well as other factors including poverty, living with a disability and experiencing prejudice, are major contributors to loneliness. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, social isolation has risen dramatically in our community. According to the World Health Organisation, loneliness can be as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

But together, we can make a difference.

Help us tackle loneliness and spark joy in Islington

Write your message here and we will pass it on to a neighbour who might be facing a difficult time. Your words could transform someone’s day, helping them to feel less alone.

The Islington Giving Sparking Joy project is part of our wider work to tackle isolation and poverty in the borough. Find out more about our work to create a more connected community here.

Need some message ideas?

Check out our short video of messages from our friends and neighbours. Can you join us and help to spark joy local people and families? 

The impact of your support

Thanks to your support, Islington Giving funds a wide range of organisations that bring people together and combat the effects of loneliness and isolation. Read about two of the groups here and visit our Stories & Partners page for more updates! 

Mother2Mother, run by Islington Mind, brings together isolated mothers and female caregivers caring for children or family with mental health problems. The project provides opportunities for women like Miriam to socialise, build networks and access specialist support.

The Grub Club seeks to address this issue by creating a group specifically for older men on the Priory Green Estate. Members include those who are retired, living alone, experiencing the impact of the cost of living crisis, and many who are socially isolated.