Our Alumni

Have you been a resident grant maker with Islington Giving? If so, you are now part of our brilliant alumni community!

Introducing the Islington Giving Alumni!

Have you been a resident grant maker with Islington Giving? If so, you are now part of our brilliant alumni community. Get in touch to find out what’s in it for you. 

The Islington Giving alumni community is a group of Islington residents who have helped to deliver our work across Islington. This includes members of our previous residents’ panels, – Young Grant Makers, Golden Grant Makers, and our Family Panel – as well as people who have taken part in other projects, for example our Community Research project. 

As an alumnus you might be interested in one or more of the following:  

  • Accessing individual support to help you with your future goals,  
  • Exploring opportunities to use your skills, knowledge, and experience,  
  • Participating in projects and initiatives to continue driving positive change in Islington, 
  • Reconnecting with fellow Alumni members, sharing experiences, and building lasting relationships within the Islington Giving community, 
  • and you might have other ideas of what more!  
Young Grant Makers 2023-2024

The background

The impetus of this project comes directly from our residents. We have years of anecdotal feedback that establishes a genuine desire for more opportunities. Residents often contact us to explore the possibility of further engagement, asking for introductions, connections or looking for ways to support Islington Giving’s work. 

Utilising funding from City Bridge Trust, we aim to build an Alumni offer that provides individual support, helping residents explore other opportunities to use their skills, and access decision making roles, both internally with IG and externally via our network of partner organisations. 

We also see this work as an opportunity to challenge ourselves, to keep ourselves honest and ensure that we are diligent in evolving the roles available to residents at Islington Giving. 

Golden Grant Makers consultation, 2023

Get in touch!

Are you a member of the Islington Giving Alumni? Whether you want to continue being involved in your community, attend activities and events, connect with fellow Alumni members, or access personalised support, we’d love to hear from you.  

Islington Giving is a coalition of local people and organisations, working together to raise funds, to support communities and projects, to share local knowledge, and to connect each other in Islington. Our work is inclusive of all residents, and we know that when we work together, we can create positive social impact. 

We believe our residents who take part in, and benefit from, the groups and projects we fund should also participate in the decision-making about how our grants are awarded. This is where residents’ panels can help. Find out more about Young Grant Makers, Golden Grant Makers, Family Panel and Carers’ Panel.