What we do


We work closely with inspiring local people and organisations to change lives for good in Islington.

Many people don't experience Islington as a place of wealth and opportunity, but instead deal with isolation, insecurity or financial hardship.

Since 2010, we have built a great track-record of making positive things happen.

Our practical, action-focused work helps support people across the whole borough.

Who we support

Together with our partners, friends, and supporters, we work to:

  • Connect people who are isolated
  • Support families having a tough time
  • Improve mental health for everyone
  • Make sure young people have the best chance in life.

Take a look at our map of giving in Islington to see what we do near you.

Connecting with isolated people

We believe everyone in Islington deserves a good life. We want people to connect with each other and to feel part of their communities.

Islington's Good Neighbours

The Good Neighbours Scheme has been run by local partners Help on Your Doorstep since 2013. In Canonbury, King's Cross and Caledonian Road it reaches out to thousands of local people. Many of them give their time each week, starting football sessions for local children, yoga classes for the community, and getting together to do some gardening. You can read more about Ernie, and his Good Neighbours in Canonbury, here.

Making Saturdays Social for our older neighbours

Our partners All Change, Cubitt Education,and North London Cares, make Saturdays social for older Islington residents. Whether making new memories through art and creativity, or building friendships with young professionals, the weekly activities give older people the space and time to socialise. You can read about John and June's weekends making memories, here.

Supporting families

Being a parent can be difficult. All families are different, and all face different challenges. We support a number of inspiring projects that offer parents essential support and spaces to relax.

Giving parents space to help their families grow

The Parent House provides a safe, inclusive space for Islington parents. It helps to connect them with other parents, and to life-changing activities in the borough. You can read about the transformational effect of this space for local parent Amel, here.

Listening to local families

We had a borough-wide conversation with local families, and people who work with them, in 2017. They told us that they want to have "a life, not a service", meaning normal opportunities to go out and socialise just as other families do. We published a report on these conversations in July 2017, which you can read here.

You can see how we are supporting families across the borough using our interactive map.

Improving mental health

Islington has some of the highest levels of mental ill health in the UK, and the highest levels of depression in London. Improving mental health is part of the work of nearly all of our partners.

Giving local people space to talk

Our local partners at The Brandon Centre have been working to support mental wellbeing in Islington for 50 years. We worked with them to establish Brandon Connect, a targeted programme working to supprort young adults experiencing complex mental health challenges.

Giving children and young people the best chance in life

38% of children in Islington live in poverty, the third highest rate in London. This can impact on the kinds of opportunities that are available to them, both in childhood, and throughout their lives. We work to create opportunities for young people to have the best chance in life. In a borough-wide conversation with 340 young people in 2016, they told us about the kinds of things they want to do in their borough. You can read more about these conversations in our report, published in January 2016, here.

Mentoring Works for hundreds of young people

The Mentoring Works programme connects volunteer mentors from some of Islington's largest businesses with almost every secondary school in the borough. These mentors give time to help young people control their futures. Now in its sixth year, Mentoring Works has connected 600 mentors with 900 students. You can read more about what this means for students and their mentors here.

Young Grant-Makers

This year, we have worked with 15 local young people to pioneer a new, inclusive approach to local funding. They have worked with the community to design, publicise, and manage their own grants programme. Every Young Grant-Maker has been paid the London Living Wage for their time. With delegated responsibility for £80,000, the Young Grant-Makers announced the grant awards from the 2018 programme in December. Find out more here.

How we do this

Hundreds of people who live in, work in, and care about Islington choose to give with us each year. Alongside our neighbours, we harness this generosity, using money, time, ideas, space and networks given by local people to create positive change.

We listen to local people's concerns and needs and respond with practical solutions that bring people together and offer support.

We help local organisations apply for funding through our grants programmes, and work with them to design new ways of tackling complex challenges in our borough.

We're not afraid to try new things, and invest in partners and projects which are here for the long term.

Apply for funding

We award grants to inspiring local organisations working to change lives for good in Islington.

You can find out more about upcoming funding opportunities here.

Get involved

Hundreds of people who care about Islington choose to give with us to change lives for good. You can join them.

There are many ways you can give, and every contribution matters. Find out more about how you can give here.

Because our administration costs are covered byour founders, every penny you give will be spent in your community.

Want to find out more before getting involved?

You can see the difference giving makes near your home or business by using our interactive map.

We send out a monthly e-newsletter to supporters and other people who want to find out more about inspiring things happening in Islington. You can sign up to receive this here.

You can also contact us any time using mail@islingtongiving.org.uk