Who we are


The Islington Giving family includes everyone who gives money, time, space, ideas or networks to help change lives.

Since we started in 2010, we have built a great track-record of making positive things happen. Each year, thousands of local people take part in changemaking activities made possible by the generosity people who care about Islington. Everybody's contribution matters, and anyone can give.

Our Team

Our team builds relationships with inspiring people and organisations, and works with them to change local lives. We also help make it easy for people to give. You can find out more about our team here, including how to contact them.

You can also contact us any time using mail@islingtongiving.org.uk

Our Board

Our Board makes strategic decisions to ensure we can be as effective as possible in our support for life changing work in our borough.

Our Board Members are local residents, and people who work in and care about Islington.

Some of our Board Members represent organisations who have been working to change lives in London for over 500 years. Others are part of global businesses operating in the borough. All contribute to changing lives for good.

  • Rob Hull (Chair) - Cripplegate Foundation
  • Maggie Elliott (Vice Chair) - Cloudesley
  • Jack Morris CBE (Chair of the Islington Giving Appeal) - The Morris Charitable Trust
  • Anthony Bennett
  • Frances Carter - Cripplegate Foundation
  • Jenny Field - City Bridge Trust
  • John Gilbert - Cripplegate Foundation
  • Leigh Harrison - Macquarie

London's Giving

We are proud to be at the forefront of the place-based giving movement, a new way of connecting people with their communities to create change. This approach is growing nationwide.

As the first 'Giving' in London, we inspired the London's Giving movement, which is now active in 20 boroughs.

You can read more about the growing London's Giving movement here.

Our History

In 2010, local people came together with local and national organisations to launch Islington Giving at the offices of The Guardian, on York Way. Together, they wanted to act on the findings of the ‘Invisible Islington’ report, published by Cripplegate Foundation in 2008.

The report shone a light on the complex challenges facing many Islington residents. Because we believe that everyone in Islington deserves a good life, the report made us determined to bring people together from all walks of life, so that we could improve the lives of every resident.

Together, since 2010:

  • hundreds of local people who care about Islington have given money, time, space, ideas, and networks to change local lives for good
  • we have been able to reach the lives of over 20,000 people in Islington
  • we have encouraged over 5,000 people to give time to change lives
  • we have funded over 75 local organisations to support life-changing activities for local people
  • alongside our partners at the Macquarie Group Foundation and East London Business Alliance, we founded the BIG Alliance (Businesses for Islington Giving), to match the skills, energy, and experience of businesses with our local community, schools, and open spaces
  • we have pioneered new ways of working with local people to create exciting, meaningful activities that change lives for good. These have helped us inspire the founding of London's Giving (see above)
  • The Office for Public Management published a report in 2013 about how we were 'changing local philanthropy'. More recently, our work has featured in nationwide reviews of place-based giving. You can read more on this here.

You can see who is involved, and the difference giving makes near you, by using our interactive map.

Our Finances

Every penny donated to Islington Giving is spent supporting life-changing work in the local community.

This is because all of our running costs are covered by one of our founders, Cripplegate Foundation. They have been around since 1500, and helped to establish Islington Giving in 2010.

Cripplegate Foundation administers Islington Giving, and hold all fiduciary and legal responsibility for us. Cripplegate Foundation is a registered charity, number 207499, and company limited by guarantee, number 6129936.

Want to find out more before getting involved?

We send out a monthly e-newsletter to supporters and other people who want to find out more about inspiring things happening in Islington. You can sign up to receive this here.

You can also contact us any time using mail@islingtongiving.org.uk