Anxious about current events? Here are some ways to cope – and help.

Like many of our Islington residents, our team have been deeply concerned by the continued and worrying situation unfolding in Ukraine and its impacts. If you’re feeling anxious or stressed about current events, here are some ways to cope – and help.

Develop a stress resilience plan

Whether it’s creating a daily routine, practicing breathing exercises or building social connections, creating a stress resilience plan can support your ability to function effectively and increase your own sense of control and self-determination.

Take breaks from news and social media

Constant exposure to news and social media can become overwhelming and distressing. If you find yourself stuck, it’s important to pull yourself away from time to time. Take breaks, set time limits for yourself and be conscious about consuming news from reputable sources.

Look after your mental health and wellbeing 

Acknowledge how you are feeling and explore different coping techniques. This may include doing exercise: walking, running, swimming or whatever makes you feel better; talking to health professionals for help and advice; doing things you enjoy; or focusing on your spiritual needs. Remember it’s not your fault. Feelings of anxiety are common and normal.

Redirect your attention to things within your control

Practice noticing your thoughts and feelings and shift your focus. By doing this, we see meaningful and lasting benefits in our wellbeing. Whilst worries and ‘what if’ thoughts will occur, you can control how you choose to respond.

Support reputable organisations helping Ukrainians

Islington Council provides more information on how you can help refugees and migrants in our communities and around the world. Whether it’s making a donation, supporting a grassroots organisation or volunteering, browse the options on how you can make a difference for those in need. When making a donation, always make sure the charity is genuine before giving any financial information. Search the charity register tool to check a registered charity’s name and registration number.

These tips have been adapted from our partners at The Stuart Low Trust, a health-promotion charity which provides safe spaces and community activities focusing on arts, nature and wellbeing.

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