We are a panel of eight local residents who have joined Islington Giving to shape this open call and make grant decisions that will benefit Islington families

We are inviting applications for projects that tackle isolation and support people to claim their local area and connect with other people in their local community.


The deadline for applications is 12 noon on Thursday 19th November 2020!



You can also contact Nikki Wimborne (Programme Manager at Islington Giving)  at Nikki.Wimborne@Cripplegate.org.uk on our behalf to ask questions about the call.


We are open to a range of project ideas and suggestions but here are a few projects’ musts:

• Be for Islington residents

• Be free

• Provide a warm and welcoming environment where people feel safe and can thrive

• Create a sense of community, connecting and bringing people together

• Reach isolated families who may not search for opportunities or know where to look – rather than expecting families to come to you, how can you go to them?

• Celebrate diversity

• Embrace wellbeing

• Be inclusive: Projects should be clear about how they will make it an open space for everyone OR if you are meeting a specific need / targeting specific groups of people, say why and how you will do this

• Be accessible: Groups need to demonstrate how they will address the barriers people face to accessing opportunities.