Banksy has come to Islington!

After much speculation from locals and news outlets alike, today the anonymous street artist Banksy has officially confirmed his latest work on a residential building on Hornsey Road in Finsbury Park!

The captivating mural, which features swathes of green behind a pared tree with a person holding a pressure hose next to it, is testament to the incredible creativity and expression spirit flourishing within our borough.

From street art to community projects, Islington is home to brilliant creative folk. We’re proud to support and fund a range of creative projects, showcasing the vibrancy and diversity of our local arts scene. You can read more about our funded projects on our Impact and Map of Giving pages.

Image credit: Banksy on Instagram

However, did you know that our vibrant borough is also facing a loneliness crisis?

  • 41% of older people live alone in Islington
  • 38% of children and young people are living in poverty
  • 34% of Islington’s over-60 population live in income-deprived households.

For someone feeling isolated or alone, your kind words could have a big impact. Can you share a message of hope and kindness  – and help us spark joy across Islington? We will pass on your message to a local neighbour who might be facing a difficult time. Your small action could have a big impact.