Big Bike Appeal – How you helped us provide refurbished bikes to refugees in Islington

Islington Giving and Yes Outdoors a new appeal in June to provide refurbished bikes to refugees in Islington. Together, we raised £2,000 and we were able to support 36 refugees locally, as well as giving 36 old bikes a new lease of life. Each bike also came with a helmet, lock and lights. The Business Design Centre joined the appeal as a our local matched funding partner, which helped double the impact of your support


Hundreds of Islington residents and families have generously offered to host over 300 Ukrainian individuals and families fleeing conflict in Ukraine. In addition to the support available from the government, local council and other local charities, Islington Giving and Yes Outdoors have joined forces to provide Islington-based refugees, including Ukrainian refugees with refurbished bikes. The aim is to provide these individuals and families with more independence, a means to explore the local area, and free transport. As a bonus, we will be giving old bikes a new life rather than being scrapped.  

How did it work?

Yes Outdoors were given or retrived old and abdnoned bikes across Islington. In discussion with Islington Giving and local groups, we decided we could find great new homes for these bikes with refugees being hosted in Islington. As a result, Islington Giving launched a fundraising appeal and worked with the Busines Design Centre, raising £2,000.

100% of the donations received were spent on the costs of a mechanic’s time, helmets, locks and lights. The more we raise, the more bikes can be refurbished.  


I’m a host in Islington, how can I get a bike for the individual / family I am hosting?  

Please complete this short form to register your interest in a new bike and ensure that we can match your request to one of the refurbished bikes. If you have any questions about requesting a bike, please contact Yes Outdoors on appeal@yesoutdoors.org.uk.

I’m a refugee being hosted in Islington; how can I request a bike? 

As above, please complete this short form, sharing a few details about your preferred bike. If you have any questions, please contact Yes Outdoors on appeal@yesoutdoors.org.uk. 

I’m an Islington resident, how can I support this appeal? 

There are two ways to support this appeal:

  1. Donate funding to help us cover the costs of refurbishing the bikes.
  2. You can donate any children’s bikes that you no longer need or want. Please complete this short form or contact Lucy at Yes Outdoors on appeal@yesoutdoors.org.uk to donate a child’s bike. 

Where did the bikes come from?  

The bikes have been recovered from sites across North London, having been abandoned by their owners or recovered by police during the Covid pandemic.  

What bikes are available and when?  

A range of bikes are available, including ladies shopper bikes, mountain bikes and hybrid bikes should be available by the end of June. 

Do you provide any additional support or training?  

To ensure maximum road safety and confidence, each recipient will have access to Islington Council’s Bikeability courses.  


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