Decisions time for Young Grant Makers

As we approach the end of this year’s programme we chatted with Islington Giving’s Young Grant Makers (YGM) Programme Lead, Alexandra Duffy. 


Our Young Grant Makers are more than halfway through the 2021 programme. In the coming weeks, these young people will meet inspiring local organisations and people, learn about their projects, and, together with the Islington Giving team, decide which projects to support. 

We were thrilled to have a chat with Alexandra Duffy, who has been the Young Grant Makers Programme Lead for the last four years, to learn more about the programme and her role.  

As Alexandra says herself, “Facilitation and supporting groups of people to have weighty conversations, move through them and creating the safe space for that to happen is one of the many things I enjoy around this work”. It is also what contributes to the success of this programme. 

Watch the full interview: 


YGM 2021, what has happened so far?

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