Free Charity Tech Workshop with Time to Spare

In September, we’re teaming up with Time to Spare to offer a free tech workshop for small local charities.

We know that the vast array of products, terms, and platforms can feel overwhelming. This free session is designed to help make it easier for inspiring Islington charities to support local people.

We caught up with Tom and Will from Time to Spare to find out more about their work, and their relationship with the borough. If you’d like to attend the workshop, which is taking place at our offices (13 Elliott’s Place, London, N1 8HX) between 10:00 – 12:00 on Tuesday 10th September, you can sign up via Eventbrite here.

What’s Time to Spare?

We are an organisation based in Space4 in Finsbury Park who are developing a free platform for small charities and community groups that allows them to collaborate with other organisations, funders and local authorities, as well as helping with the monitoring and reporting process. We are a team of two – Tom and Will.

In collaboration with Islington Giving, we are organising a tech-skills workshop for local charities. To help them learn about what tools are available to help them in service delivery.

What inspired you to create the platform?

We really believe in the power of small charities – they are often best placed to provide loads of the services people rely on and will increasingly prove to be so.

What made you want to work in Finsbury Park?

We wanted to work with small charities and community groups and Islington has a thriving voluntary sector. We also have been massively supported by Space4 and Outlandish – who have helped us out a lot. Finally, it’s just a great place to work – the food is amazing and it’s really easy to get around London from.

What is Space4?

Space4 is a pay-what-you-can co-working space in Finsbury Park that supports organisations that work in the tech-for-good sphere and encourages co-operative working. As we said, they have been really supportive to us, by introducing us to a community of other people working in our field, and helping us to meet potential clients and partners.

Giving as a business

Through this workshop, Tom and Will are giving time to support local causes.

Get in touch with us if you own or work for an organisation, and want to give back to your borough and connect with more local people.

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