Full list of organisations funded through the Islington Giving Crisis Fund

Here’s the list of the organisations funded through the Islington Giving Crisis Fund. We will update this page regularly, so look for the 💡 to find the latest funded projects.


💡 Spear (£9,000 awarded)

💡 Whittington park community association (£9,000 awarded)

💡 Islington Somali Community (£9,000 awarded)

All Change (£9,959 awarded)

Islington Play Association (£9,951 awarded)

One True Voice (£10,000 awarded)

Minority Matters (£9,490 awarded)

YES Outdoors (£10,000 awarded)

Islington People’s Rights (£16,105 awarded)

Highbury Vale Blackstock Trust (£2,400 awarded)

Healthwatch Islington (£19,800 awarded)

MahaDevi Yoga Centre (£9,905 awarded)

Little Angel Theatre (£20,000 awarded)

The Islington Centre for Refugees and Migrants (£15,000 awarded)

Freightliners Farm (£9,774 awarded)

Angel Shed (£8,350 awarded)

Hornsey Lane Estate Community Association (£20,000 awarded)

Islington Chinese Association (£19,007 awarded)

Islington Mind (£15,000 awarded)

Stuart Low Trust (£15,000 awarded)

Sport & Life Skills (£10,100 awarded)

The Elfrida Society (£10,000 awarded)

Healthy Generations (£9,131 awarded)

Chabad Lubavitch (£5,520 awarded)

Octopus Community Network (£5,000 awarded)

Light Project International (£5,000 awarded)

Mildmay Community Partnership (£4,845 awarded)

Mobile Repair Service MRS Independent Living (£2,800 awarded)

Help on Your Doorstep (£20,150 awarded)

Copenhagen Youth Project (£10,000 awarded)

Healthy Minds, Healthy Bods (£4,274 awarded)

Galbur Foundation (£3,000 awarded)

Company three (£20 960 awarded)

The Manna (£5,000 awarded)

Islington Mind (£5,000 awarded)

The Hive Food Bank (£5,000 awarded)

Hillside Clubhouse (£1,120 awarded)