Golden Grant Makers

Our resident-led panel bringing together eight local older residents who make decisions about which local projects and services to fund each year.

What is a residents’ panel?

Through our residents’ panels, Islington Giving aims to:

  • Diversify decision-making by learning from, and listening to, people who live in the borough.
  • Challenge our own perceptions and ways of doing things.
  • Share power and be more accountable and transparent to the local communities in which we work.
  • Open a platform for local residents to create opportunities for themselves and for their borough.

Islington Giving first piloted a residents panel, our Young Grant Makers programme, in 2018 and we have been building on this ever since.

“[The facilitator] guided and nurtured us through the process, which at times was very daunting. It has provided exercise for bits of my brain that haven’t seen activity for a long time!”

Golden Grant Maker 2023

Continuing our journey of resident-led grant-making, our Golden Grant Makers resident panel aims to fund local projects that enhance social connection, wellbeing and essential support for older people in Islington. Read more about  the latest awarded grants below.

📣 Golden Grant Makers awards seven new grants for older people’s support in Islington!

  • Featured image: Claremont Project, by Emma Marshall
  • Main image: GGM session, September 2023