Islington Giving Crisis Appeal

Help us to support vunerable young people in Islington

Islington is one of the most unequal boroughs in the UK. Many people and families have been experiencing deprivation even before the cost of living crisis which has only made conditions worse. Can you help us fund emergency food, fuel and basic essentials to those who need it?

“…our referrals to the Islington Foodbank rose by 46% compared to last year and the number inquiries we received for fuel and lighting support has nearly doubled” ~ Ken Kanu, Director, Help on Your Doorstep

Islington Giving is part of the incredible network of local voluntary and community organisations across Islington. We partner with over 30 local organisations each year. Our partners have already seen dramatic increases in the number of people in Islington needing their support, in particular help with food, heating, and lighting costs. 100% of your donation will support local people with emergency assistance like food vouchers and fuel payments.

could help cover rising transport costs
£ 0
could support an individual with food vouchers for a week
£ 0
could support a family struggling with rising energy bills
£ 0

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