Laptops for young people to take part on creative online projects

Amberliegh is an inclusive creative arts, drum and dance music project for children and young people in Islington.

During the pandemic they are running classes online, but some children and young people are missing the much needed social interaction as some families lack the necessary equipment to get online, or have to share one device with more members of the family, which makes lockdown even more difficult.

Funding from Islington Giving provided laptops to families that needed them.

“We were not aware of the real difference this would make until it was given to a particular family.

The family in question has 2 children, aged 12 and 14. Prior to them receiving the laptop, they relied on their parents devices including their phones and as you can imagine this was very challenging. We received a personal phone call from the mother to express her gratitude for receiving the laptop. She explained how challenging it had been to try and work at home and share her phone and laptop with her children. Since receiving the laptop, both children have had to share, however, we have just received another laptop which we will be giving to the other child.

A child receives distance education via the Internet by Ahmed Hindawi

There are still other families in need of devices and we are continually working to support them.”

Being able to join the classes on a laptop every week not only helps the children and young people but also supports the parents.


Together, we can improve the lives of our young people.

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