“Learning new skills and meeting new people is really nice”

One of the local projects that your giving will support is YES Outdoors.

Founded by a community police officer, they run bicycle maintenance schemes – bringing young people together to learn skills and socialise. They also offer free homework clubs and boxing sessions. Lockdown last year made it much harder to support some of our borough’s most vulnerable young people, but the team ploughed on. YES Outdoors still ran the bike workshops when restrictions permitted, and also started to recondition old laptops, getting them out to young people who didn’t have proper provision for their home-schooling.


“When I went outside I was so scared. But then I started doing this course, and it made me feel relieved!”


Young person attending YES Outdoor’s bike workshop by Yoni Gal

Whether a young person is having trouble at home or struggling at school, projects like YES Outdoors provide
a safe space for children to learn how to make good decisions, feel better about their lives and work towards
the future.


Please consider donating today. 100% of your gift will fund local organisations like YES Outdoors working with children and young people living in Islington during the pandemic.

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