LGBTQ+ residents after Covid-19

Thanks to decades of work and resilience of LGBTQ+ rights organisations and individuals, Islington is today a diverse borough that feels mostly welcoming and inclusive.  

However, the pandemic has had devastating effects on the mental health of LGBTQ+ people. The latest State of Equalities report, published by Islington Council, still shows that young LGB and trans people are more likely to attempt suicide and to self-harm than the rest of the population. Research has also found that 50% of LGBTQ+ people have reported experiencing depression in the last year, with this proportion increasing to 62% for LGBTQ+ people who have experienced homophobic hate crime.  

Forum Plus have just published the results of a survey they conducted to Camden and Islington LGBTQ+ residents about their Covid-19 lockdown experience.  

“We’re very grateful for your participation which will help us to understand Covid-19’s effect on our local LGBTQ+ community”, Forum Plus



Forum Plus Flyer. Credit: Forum Plus

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