Apply to the Make it Happen Fund!

Do you have a project idea that could benefit the community? If so, the Make it Happen Fund is for you! 

*Please note this fund is now closed. 

What is the Make it Happen fund?

The Make It Happen fund is an Islington residents’ small grants scheme of up to £500 for local people to act on the things that they care about. The purpose of the fund is to bring people together and do something that makes them feel proud of where they live.

Social housing landlords Peabody, Hyde, Clarion and Southern Housing Group alongside Islington Giving and other local voluntary organisations in Islington decided to work together with communities to build individual and community resilience and support innovation. 

Who can apply? 

The fund is to support activities and events that support local people by bringing joy or making a difference to the community. Projects could bring a new idea to life, help residents to put on a community event or support ongoing work of local groups. Projects must align with one of the following aims:

  • Healthy– helping people with their physical and mental wellbeing
  • Happy– helping people make the most out of their lives through active citizenship, volunteering and community involvement
  • Connected – putting people at the centre of grants, exploring what is important to them

Examples of project ideas:

  • cultural cooking sessions 
  • community arts festival 
  • parent / family support group
  • mental health support group
  • walking or cycling club
  • community book club
  • community art installation
  • festive celebrations
  • and more! 
Dipped in Creativity Engagement 2023, Make it Happen grantee

Applying to this fund 

We know that people can find grants hard to apply for. Sometimes our processes can be a bit complicated or slow. The Make It Happen Fund aims to meet these challenges. We hope this form is straightforward but please let us know if you need any help.

Please read the Application Guidelines before you apply. If you have any questions before you apply, you don’t have internet access, or would like to discuss your idea before making an application, then please contact Islington Giving on 020 7288 6948 or email us at

We can also put you in touch with organisations who can help you spend the funds or advise on how to make your idea a success.  If you’re not sure if this fund is right for you or you’d like advice on completing the application, then please get in touch. 

Completed forms to be returned to: Patrick Jones, Programme Manager at:

The closing date is Monday 30th October, 10am. We will let you know if your application is successful by the week beginning 13th November 2023.



Healthy Minds, Healthy Bods. 2023, Make it Happen grantee

Spread the word!

We have a range of promotional materials to help you spread the word about the Make it Happen fund and inspire your community to take action! You can access our digital assets including our poster, flyer and social media assets, in the Google Drive link or using the links below.