Making the Most of Free Time – Report 2017

Through its consultation with Islington’s young people Islington Giving wanted to find out more about what young people in Islington are interested in, how they spend their time, and what the challenges are to participating in activities.

In short, Islington Giving learned that there is a strong desire on the part of young people to be involved in activities and projects outside of school hours. 77% of young people say they would like to take part in more activities.

Young people told us about their preferences, what activities are most popular and why time to take up activities can be an issue. Many said they had other priorities in the evenings such as schoolwork and tasks at home. So they want to do more at times when they are not already busy and catered for – especially at weekends and in holiday periods.

Islington’s young people are very diverse. They need a wide menu of activities and opportunities to suit all interests and backgrounds. There is considerable interest in activities that contribute to developing skills and personal growth. Young people are looking for activities that are fun, interesting and of high quality.

Working in partnership with youth providers Islington Giving aims to help widen the spread and range of high-quality activities on offer to young people. They see it as a way to unlock Islington for young people.