Paul Hamlyn Foundation

Paul Hamlyn Foundation is an independent grant-making foundation supporting social change, working towards a just and equitable society in which everyone, especially young people, can realise their full potential and enjoy fulfilling and creative lives. 

Paul Hamlyn Foundation has supported Islington Giving’s work since it was established and their expertise has supported our strategic development. Unrestricted funded has enabled us to provide core funding to cornerstone local organisations, including Help on Your Doorstep, All Change, Brandon Centre Body & Soul and others. It has also given us the scope to test and develop innovative programmes and approaches – including the Disability Fund and our resident-led panels.  

Funding from Paul Hamlyn Foundation and others has enabled us to provide our resident-led panels with fully-delegated pots of funding – passing on decision-making about community services to the people who access them.   

In 2022, Paul Hamlyn Foundation generously provided Islington Giving with a funding uplift in light of the financial challenges of the cost-of-living crisis, which has helped us to better respond to the needs of the organisations and residents we support during a challenging time. 

“Working with Islington Giving has made a real difference to what we’ve been able to achieve. Their professional approach, deep-rooted local knowledge and connections with residents has increased the number of people we can reach and added value to the fund.” 

Carers’ Fund report

In early 2024 Islington Giving ran a fund for carers. This took a participatory approach, consulting with carers and carers’ organisations to shape the model,

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