Residents’ Panel: listening to local voices

I had this image pop into my head of people walking past us, and going into the organisations we’ve funded. It’s such a good feeling knowing we are able to impact so many young people. They won’t even know it’s us funding the projects, but knowing we can make that impact in other young people’s lives is heart-warming.

At Islington Giving we’re committed to making Islington a more equal place where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. To get there, we believe that residents who take part in, and benefit from, the groups and projects we fund should also participate in the decision-making about how our grants are awarded. This is where residents’ panels can help.

Since 2018 we have awarded over £430,000 to 34 Islington organisations and projects, while engaging 50 local residents in decision-making. Read more on the impact of Residents’ Panels in our report.