Ann and Lorraine

Ann shares how she persuaded Lorraine to start using her computer during the first lockdown as a way to connect when meeting in person was more difficult. Lorraine and Ann have known each other for 3 years, Lorraine recounts.

“I met Ann about three years ago at the Saturday Social at the Islington Museum and I was a little bit disconnected at the time. I wasn’t really communicating with anyone, but Ann is very friendly and just came over and I started talking and it was just the start of good friendship. She introduced me to Cubitt on a Saturday morning. I haven’t looked back since”.

Ann speaks of the changes she saw in Lorraine

“Every week she blossomed…every year that went by, I could see her blossoming”

The first lockdown was a shock for everyone. Lorraine explained how she felt when activities stopped.

“It was as though your world just crumbled. I had things to look forward to and all of a sudden I had nothing to look forward to.”

Ann also found it a challenge,

“People are kind of, where are you? Where have you gone Ann?”


Ann, Lorraine and Charlene Sandy during a zoom session

Here Ann is referring to the fact she did not make any artwork for a few months until she attended a zoom session. She realised that being in space with people, even virtual space, or on the phone re motivated and inspired her. This is when she thought that if it had helped rescue and re-inspire her might help Lorraine and she decided to encourage her to give it a go. Lorraine had an old computer, which she had been using to check emails and to find out about any events taking place. She said the hardest thing was getting over her resistance. She was stuck on the idea that a digital experience would just not be the same. Ann’s persistence paid off and now Lorraine’s outlook has changed,

“I do look forward to those events, like whether it’s the Saturday Socials with Cubitt or Claremont. It does give me something to look forward to, they become a big part of your routine. Because it’s very chatty, I think that’s important.”

We leave you with a final quote from Ann,

“If we get everyone on Zoom, it would be fantastic. You know, we could just teach them how, and it’s not that difficult”.


About Cubitt

Cubitt is an artist-led gallery and studio provider based in Islington. They are an independent organisation managed by their members: a community of over 30 artists dedicated to nurturing and supporting emerging practice in the visual arts.