“One of the great strengths of Stuart Low Trust is that it removes the barriers to engagement.” ~ Carlita’s story

Welcome to Mental Health Awareness Week, a time dedicated to shining a spotlight on and raising awareness about the significance of mental wellbeing. This year’s theme is anxiety, and we’ll be sharing some stories and experiences from young people in Islington who are benefitting from transformative local programmes. Here, we caught up with Carlita,* who took part in The Stuart Low Trust (SLT) Art workshops.

I feel that SLT’s approach is truly unique.  One of the great strengths of SLT is that it removes the barriers to engagement”. ~ Carlita, Stuart Low Trust, Art workshops participant

Carlita describes his experience of attending The Stuart Low Trust Art workshops:

“The main activity that I regularly take part in is the SLT Art Workshop at the Estorick Collection. It is held twice a month and I generally book on each workshop.

I had been in poor health and was feeling low. Attending the talks/ workshops gave me back a sense of purpose. It was great to engage with others, who were experiencing similar challenges and from then on I started to sign up for more activities with SLT.

Taking part in SLT activities has inspired my creativity, has fed into my sense of independence, has raised my self-confidence and self-esteem and promoted my self-advocacy.  I feel that SLT’s approach is truly unique. One of the great strengths of SLT is that it removes the barriers to engagement. I have always felt valued as a participant at SLT and, as a result, I’ve found a creative outlet that has really made a difference to my quality of life.”

About Stuart Low Trust:
Stuart Low was a young man from Islington with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, who sadly took his own life- aged 27.  He couldn’t find the right support at the right time when he needed it most.  Stuart’s death mobilised local residents to create SLT in 1999.  SLT supports isolated Islington residents to connect through up to 200 free nature, art and wellbeing activities each year. *Names have been changed to protect identity.
Did you know that we are raising funds for incredible services and projects like the Stuart Low Trust to help young people in Islington access the care and support they need? Every donation, however small, will make a real difference.