Safe storage, strong support: How Street Storage is transforming lives in Islington

Street Storage, one of our Mind the Gap funded projects, provides those experiencing homelessness with free, accessible and safe storage for their belongings, as well as supporting their mental health and wellbeing. This project will run from a newly acquired building in Islington, which offers greater capacity to accommodate the possessions for up to 500 people.

Addressing loneliness & mental health

Recently, three individuals came to Street Storage, expressing loneliness, a desire for connection, and wanting to be able to share experiences and thoughts with friends. With the Refugee and Cost of Living Crisis set to continue, Street Storage continue to support people with mental ill health, and have undergone Suicide Prevention Training, acknowledging the growing number of individuals seeking support.

Connecting those in crisis

An older man, recently widowed and homeless, has struggled with suicidal thoughts and self-harm. Despite attempts to access help through Mental Health services, bureaucratic hurdles made things more challenging. Fortunately, with his consent, Street Storage connected him with a charity in Ilford for improved support, bringing him relief.

Striving for justice

Another woman in her 60s, homeless and storing legal documents with Street Storage, found solace in sharing her story. Enduring years of abuse, she lost her home, accumulated debt, and lost custody of her daughter. Street Storage provide her a private space to organise her files and navigate legal battles, offering support in her pursuit of justice.