Take action to support your neighbours during the cost of living crisis

Islington is one of the most unequal boroughs in the UK. Many people and families in Islington have been experiencing deprivation even before the Cost of Living Crisis which has only made conditions worse. Even before rising prices and stagnating income, 11,500 families in Islington were living in fuel poverty and 43% of children were living in poverty after housing costs (Islington Council).

Rising costs have led to many unable to afford heating, rent and even food. Since last year, there has already been a 46% increase in referrals to food banks in the borough (Help on Your Doorstep), and a 20% increase in people needing advice and support, with this figure set to rise (Citizens Advice Islington).

Your positive impact 

Combined with the increasing need and our local partners and supporters wanting to do more, Islington Giving launched an emergency appeal to raise and distribute funds for emergency food, fuel and essentials. Working with our trusted local partners, Age UK Islington and Help on Your Doorstep, the funds have already been able to provide emergency funding to 65 local people and will be reaching another 40 individuals in the coming weeks.

“Hello, just letting you know that the grant was just paid into my account. Thank you so much, this has taken a huge weight off of my shoulders! Paying off this debt means Xmas is now possible for my kids.” ~ Crisis Appeal Recipient

This has enabled residents like 89-year-old Amelia to pay her next energy bill. Amelia lives alone and needs support with her day-to-day activities. After using her savings to support her sons during the pandemic, she was struggling to get on top of piling energy bills on her small pension. These funds have helped to relieve some of the daily anxiety and worry she is experiencing.

An elder woman wiping a tear
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Take Action

Thank you to our generous supporters and donors we have raised over £50,000 to date – 100% of which will directly support those in need. We have been blown away by the generosity of our community at a time when everyone is feeling the effects of the crisis. But unfortunately, this is just the start. As the temperature drops and prices continue to climb, we know that many people are having to make impossible choices like choosing between putting food on the table and heating their home.

“Some people are having to make some real hard choices between paying their bills or having food on the table to feed their families. Any donations that are made will go a long way to help our residents.” ~ Ismail Bahriyelli, Age UK Islington

If everyone in our community who is able can give a little, we can make sure that we all make it through the ongoing crisis and reach more people who need our support.

Can you make a difference to someone’s life today?

  • £25 could help a family cover rising transport costs
  • £50 could support someone with food vouchers for a week
  • £100 could support a family struggling with rising energy bills

Image: Crisis Appeal advert, Angel Tube Station

Other ways to support

The current situation can feel overwhelming but there are things you can do right now to make a difference. You can watch and share our videos and follow us @IsGiv and help us spread the word. You can also get your local school, workplace or business involved to raise funds. Please contact isobel.miller@islingtongiving.org.uk to order appeal posters or for more information.

About Islington Giving

Islington Giving is a local charity which works closely with inspiring local organisations to address poverty and inequality in Islington. We partner with over 30 local voluntary and community organisations each year. Since 2010, we have built a great track-record of funding projects for good. Our practical, action-focused giving supports work across the whole borough.