Ten years of Business Giving in Islington: The CoRe Programme

10,000 hours given by skilled employees to support local community.

Our partners The BIG Alliance have released the findings of the 2018 CoRe (Community Resourcing) Programme, now in its tenth year, with the 2019 programme already underway. The CoRe Programme matches the skills and experience of Macquarie Group and Slaughter and May employee volunteers with the needs of Islington community organisations.

Over 10 years, the CoRe Programme has helped to build deep collaborations across sectors, developing capacity and giving strategic support in Islington.

It has enlisted the support of more than 250 volunteers, who have given in excess of 10,000 hours to support over 60 local charities and community groups. Around £500,000 has been leveraged by participating charities in additional fundraising thanks to the support of CoRe volunteers.

The support given covers a wide range of organisational management, including finance, marketing, and strategy. Through ‘Deep Dive’ workshops, each organisation works in partnership with the volunteers to define attainable objectives specific to their situation and challenges.

“We’re in a completely different place from where we were at the start of the programme” – Abianda

Positive transformations

The story of CoRe is one of positive transformation for all involved. Every participating charity in 2018 would recommend CoRe support. With access to specialist knowledge and skills, the eight 2018 participants were able to construct business plans, perform reviews of finance and governance procedures, develop new policies, and develop new messaging and marketing materials. All of these things (and many others) help local organisations to build their sustainability and, ultimately reach and support more local residents.

The business of giving back

For volunteers, the CoRe Programme offers a chance to develop their own skills, gain new insights, and feel part of the local community. It’s “a great chance to learn new skills, meet new people, and give something back” said one volunteer, whilst others described the Programme as “such a worthwhile thing to do”, in part because it has helped them to be “more aware of everyday challenges” faced by local people.

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