The Parent House: Tailored support for vulnerable families

Through tailored support, training courses, volunteering opportunities and mentoring, The Parent House supports vulnerable families in Islington to build connections and grow in confidence.

Islington Giving has been working with The Parent House since 2010, and has supported the development of peer support programmes, mentoring and community outreach. Peer support enables parents to learn from each other, improve their support networks and access local services, equipping them with the skills to make positive changes and improve life options for their children.

Parents who engage with the programme feel better able to cope, and a high proportion go on to access further training or enter employment.

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, many parents were concerned about their children’s schooling and mental health. A grant from the Islington Giving Family Panel in 2022 supported The Parent House to develop a peer consultation programme focused on enabling parents to better support their children’s education by sharing experiences on mental health and wellbeing, and running workshops on how best to support school learning and navigate school communication channels.

“When I look back to three years ago, I see a huge difference. The Parent House completely boosted my confidence in myself.” ~ Parent engaging with The Parent House