Time Capsule: Creativity in times of lockdown

“Hello. It is the end of March 2020. This is a time capsule. It is a record of our lives, right now. It’s a record of a time when the coronavirus came. When all the schools shut down. And everyone got told to stay inside. We are a group of teenagers stuck in our homes in a place called Islington.”

So begins the first video of the Coronavirus Time Capsule, a new project that Company Three is sharing with groups of young people around the world during this time of uncertainty.

“Week-by-week we are creating a cumulative video time capsule, recording teenage experience during the coronavirus pandemic”, explains Becky Martin, Executive Director at Company Three, and adds “ we think it is essential that we continue to offer the teenagers we work with support, connection and a space to be creative.”

In partnership with Nick Hern Books Company Three are also publishing the Coronavirus Time Capsule Blueprint, an online guide for any group anywhere who wants to start making their own Time Capsule. “We are spreading the word across the UK and the world, inviting companies and organisations everywhere to join in and become part of the development of the project”, says Becky.

At Islington Giving we’re happy to support this amazing project through our Islington Giving Crisis Fund. Thanks to all the kind donations, more young people in Islington will feel more connected, have their voices heard and create further time capsules!

If you’d like to find out more about the project you can visit Company Three’s Youtube channel or their hashtag on Twitter #CoronavirusTimeCapsule.


Watch Company Three’s latest Time Capsule