Over £27,500 raised so far for local community groups like Help on Your Doorstep and Breakin’ Convention through our Winter Appeal, thanks to the kindness of individuals and businesses in Islington. 

Islington is one of the most unequal boroughs in the UK, a place where the wealth gap is huge. Almost 35% of people in Islington live in poverty.

Islington Giving works with many local groups and organisations across the borough that improve the lives of people affected by some of the most pressing social issues. We do this by funding local groups and projects supporting young people, parents and families, isolated older residents, and creating safe spaces and activities for better mental health for everyone in Islington.

Evidence shows that good social networks and strong communities lead to physically and mentally healthier residents. The past two years have been tough for everyone, including people in Islington. There have been so many challenges: the impact on our mental and physical health, losing our loved ones, anxiety about the future and overall loss of confidence.  That’s why this Winter we are supporting projects that will bring people back together, building new support networks and offering meaningful activities for our neighbours, young and old alike.

We all look our for each other. We don’t need to be best friends with everyone but if someone is not well, we’ll make sure they are not left behind.

Here are just two of the projects we are supporting:

Good Neighbours Scheme

Betty, 87, lives in a local estate and uses a wheelchair to move around the borough. She attends a local Good Neighbours Scheme Coffee mornings every week, taking part in the gentle group exercise organised as part of the morning session. As a retired costume designer, Betty enjoys creating, sewing and woodwork at home, but likes to come out to and meet people in the local area. She loves all music, particularly jazz, and would love to learn to play piano. During lockdown she kept in touch with friends and family on Facebook, but is happy to be out and about, enjoying the many cultural events London has to offer.

I would love to still learn to play piano! Most of my friends are in their 40s or 50s, I like younger company as it keeps me feeling young too.

Betty (87) at her local Good Neighbours Scheme

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Out the Box by Breakin’ Convention

Breakin’ Convention invites a group of young people to develop and produce a creative project, whether it’s a film, a play or something completely different. Supported by professional artist mentors, the young people get to learn about different aspects of the creative industry, gaining skills in script writing, composing, or acting, depending on the direction their project takes. Through our Young Grant Makers’ panel we were able to to support their latest group, who have come together to develop a hip hop theatre, which will be performed live in Sadlers Wells before in December. Watch our video visiting the group in Soap Box as they prepare for their upcoming show.

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