Young people shaping the future of the borough

Another successful Young Grant-Makers programme came to an end this month. We were delighted to run this year’s programme in partnership with Children in Need and City Bridge Trust.

Over the last 9 months, 15 young people in the borough have worked through a whole grant-making cycle; from researching their local area and reflecting on the experiences of young people in Islington, to issuing a call for proposals and assessing funding applications to make final funding decisions.

“It feels great to know you are part of this great contribution to make a difference in your local area even if it’s a small impact”, said one of the Young Grant-Makers.

The programme is part of our wider effort to work with and not just for the people of Islington, empowering young residents to take actual decisions to make this a better place to live for everybody.



“I have enjoyed everything about the YGM programme! From meeting new people and growing with them, to looking at the different organisations, everything was so fun and so inspiring”, said another young person.

Aged 16-26, the Young Grant-Makers didn’t need to have any previous similar experience. We wanted to meet young people who had ideas about their local community and who wanted to have a say in making it better for young people.

Soon we will be able to make a public announcement about which organisations got funded this year, but until then, we’ve put together this video with some of the impressions of this year’s generation of young people. Enjoy!



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If you want to learn more about the Young Grant-Makers Programme, make sure to read Young Grant-Makers: Learning from the pilot

If you’re a funder interested in the programme, you can get in touch with Helen Kersley, Programme Director at Islington Giving

E: Helen.Kersley@cripplegate.org.uk

T: 0207 288 6947