Breaking out of isolation: Social Prescribing report

The Claremont Project in the heart of Islington offers a diverse range of creative activities for local, often vulnerable, people over the age of 55 so that they can have opportunities to shine and live happier, healthier and more connected lives.

The Claremont Social Prescribing programme, funded by Islington Giving, has been running for seven years now, and is currently funded until April 2022. It’s a programme that has proven an ability to reduce isolation, increase social connections, improve people’s psychological well-being and support residents to become more involved in local activities. It has also shown an ability to sustain this engagement over the longer-term.


The model shows a successful partnership between frontline health services, other local referrers and a voluntary sector service for older people, with lasting benefits for some of Islington’s most isolated residents.

Residents are referred to a Social Prescribing Manager who works with them to unearth their interests and any barriers there may be to accessing Claremont’s diverse range of activities.


To contribute to the conversation about Social Prescribing, we’ve put together a report about the Claremont Project, one of the oldest Social Prescribing project in London.

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If you’d like to learn more you can get in touch with Nikki Wimborne, Programme Manager at Islington Giving:

E: Nikki.Wimborne@cripplegate.org.uk

T: 020 7288 6942.