Make a real difference this winter

Thank you for your generous donations. The Homeless Catalyst Fund has now closed. 

In partnership with the Islington Council’s Street Homeless Team we are piloting a ‘Homeless Catalyst Fund’ this year. Via their team, the Fund will provide small grants to people on the streets, or who have a recent history of rough sleeping in Islington.

Every penny given will support people who are, or have been, living on the streets of our borough.

No one should have to sleep under a bridge or in a tent, but the annual count, verified by Homeless Link, found 51 people rough sleeping in Islington this November: more than last year which was 43.

We’re launching a Winter Giving Homeless Catalyst Fund to make a difference in the lives of people who are currently sleeping on the streets in Islington or who have a recent history of rough sleeping in the borough. This includes people who Islington Council have supported into accommodation but continue to work with – people in hostels and temporary accommodation from rough sleeping.

We are seeing more people new to the streets due to the end of private rented sector tenancies.

According to Islington Council’s street population co-ordinator, Sarah Turley “We are seeing more people new to the streets due to the end of private rented sector tenancies. We are seeing the sharp end of the housing crisis, where people cannot afford to rent privately and find onward accommodation after their PRS tenancy has ended. Anyone can become homeless and individual reasons differ, however we know that those who have a limited support network, those who are already experiencing poverty, or have additional vulnerabilities, including support needs around mental health or substance use, and those who have no recourse to public funds & limited access to work, such as migrants, asylum seekers or refugees are groups who are more likely to be affected by homelessness”.

How are we going to support people rough sleeping?

The Homeless Catalyst Fund will provide small grants of up to £500 directly to people sleeping on the streets, or who have a recent history of rough sleeping in Islington.  Every single penny given will go to people in need, as our costs are covered by one of Islington Giving’s founders.Our evidence shows that small Catalyst grants unlock potential and increase wellbeing in people.We aim to raise as much money as possible for the fund to support those in need between 16th December 2019 and 30th March 2020. Are you in?


What difference could your donation make in the borough?

Every grant will be tailored towards the individuals needs and aspirations to make a difference to their lives. Examples of these are:

  • £20 could cover travel costs for someone to get to their appointments for 1 week.
  • £40 could cover the train costs for someone wanting to visit their family up North and reconnect with their support network.
  • £57 can support someone to obtain a CSCS qualification, needed for those who want to work in construction, improving their employment options.
  • £95 could buy someone a passport which would provide ID needed for employment and also allow them to travel.
  • £100 could support someone rough sleeping buy new clothes, which they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford, increasing confidence and wellbeing & increasing engagement with the outreach team.
  • £200 could buy a former musician any form of music equipment, which would enable them to reconnect with their talents and improve their confidence and well-being once in accommodation.