Now Hiring: Become a Young Grant Makers Programme Leader!

Islington Giving Panel

Have you taken part in the Young Grant Makers Programme with Islington Giving over the past five years? Would you like to co-lead the 2023/4 programme? Islington Giving has an excellent opportunity to join us as a Programme Leader for the upcoming Young Grant Makers Programme. The ideal candidate will have completed the Young Grant […]

The Parent House: Tailored support for vulnerable families

Through tailored support, training courses, volunteering opportunities and mentoring, The Parent House supports vulnerable families in Islington to build connections and grow in confidence. Islington Giving has been working with The Parent House since 2010, and has supported the development of peer support programmes, mentoring and community outreach. Peer support enables parents to learn from […]

Body & Soul: Transforming lives through holistic support

Body & Soul uses a community based approach to address the life threatening effects of childhood trauma, helping young people rediscover their identity and build the resilience they need to transform their lives. Islington Giving has been supporting Body & Soul’s work on suicide prevention since 2016. This has included support to develop the pioneering […]

Bela’s journey through therapy at the Brandon Centre

A young girl sitting down with her eyes closed, sitting down with a counsellor

Bela shares her experience through therapy with the Brandon Centre and her advice to young people struggling with their mental health. What was your experience with Brandon Centre like? “My experience was really amazing. There wasn’t that long of a waiting list to be seen. I was treated really well by everyone. My therapist was […]

“I go from one care-giving job to another over 24 hours”

International Women’s Day 2021 #IWD2021   Story by Karen Mckenzie, Islington Council RSS team     Islington’s Resident Support Scheme (RSS) is a local welfare fund which offers help to residents during times of crisis. Karen is the RSS Team Manager.    For many reasons it is difficult to complain or grumble looking from the inside of […]

A safe space for children to learn how to make good decisions

Founded by a community police officer, YES Outdoors run bicycle maintenance schemes – bringing young people together to learn skills and socialise. They also offer free homework clubs and boxing sessions. Lockdown last year made it much harder to support some of our borough’s most vulnerable young people, but the team ploughed on. YES Outdoors […]