Easing the way out of lockdown

Dynamic Autism is a local group founded in 2011 by a group of parents who were frustrated that there were not enough resources and activities for young people with autism to learn new skills. 

Since then they have succeeded in running dynamic, carefully designed projects which have created a small, vibrant community as a result. 

Nevin Penny is the project coordinator and also a parent, who talked about their decision to carry on working during lockdown.  “We decided to continue to provide activities even though we could not do it face to faceYoung people were indoors for long periods of time, and they got bored. Their parents said they were less enthusiastic and felt frustrated because their routines had been disturbed, and they were unable to go out”, explains Nevin.   “We applied for funding from Islington Giving’s Young Grant-Makers 2020 for an eight-week online project”.  

And parents have certainly valued the group continuing to run services: “Thanks to Dynamic Autism Group for inviting us to join their Zoom projects. They supported us to get involved in a meaningful life and not remain isolated. We really enjoyed the involvement, interaction and communication given in these projects”.  

Craft activities organised by Dynamic Autism Group (photo from 2017)

The stimulating programme consisted of cookingmusic and sound and sport activities, all run by professional tutors that work in the field of autism 

“We believe that the process is more important than the outcome,” says NevinIf anyone has a chance to experiment with new skills and knowledge despite the difficulties in autism, there is also the possibility to transfer those skills to their lives”.  


More money for children and young people with special educational needs

Thanks to the donations to the Children and Young People’s Appeal,  Islington Giving’s Young Grant-Makers 2021 will have more money to give out to local groups. Our Young Grant-Makers programme programme has been running for four years now and funds local projects that make a difference to young people in Islington. Young people who live in the borough make all the decisions about which projects to support, and that is what makes this programme so special. 

Carers’ Fund report

In early 2024 Islington Giving ran a fund for carers. This took a participatory approach, consulting with carers and carers’ organisations to shape the model,

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