Impact Report 2021

National Youth Theatre

Welcome to our latest Impact Report 2021!

We are excited to share our Impact Report 2021 with you. The report showcases the breadth of Islington Giving’s work with community groups, residents and partners in Islington last year, highlighting how we continued to address local poverty, inequality and isolation through our work.

2021 was incredibly tough and full of uncertainty for many Islington residents but we saw some glimmers of hope and positive developments in Islington Giving, and the many local groups and individuals we are privileged to work with.

As well as a list of our funded groups, our report celebrates the £969,383 we raised, and our support for 45 community groups in Islington last year. What’s more, our residents’ panels, Young Grant Makers and Family Panel, worked together to fund a number of new projects for young people and families, engaging local residents in decision-making.

2021 also saw the launch of our Make it Happen fund, a collaboration between Islington Giving, housing associations and voluntary sector organisations.

Your work facilitates the small day to day kindnesses and community building activities which rarely make national headlines but which give local people hope and human connection. (Islington Giving donor)

Most importantly, our latest report celebrates the achievements of some our amazing grantees who are positively impacting the lives of local residents and groups. These include National Youth Theatre, The Brandon Centre, Freightliners City Farm, Maa Shanti, and Help on Your Doorstep.

We could not have done it without you. Thank you so much for your ongoing support and interest in our work.

Carers’ Fund report

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