Islington Food Fund (round 3)

We are inviting applications from existing organisations in the borough, to provide support to those experiencing food insecurity.

This fund is now closed.

Islington Food Partnership and Islington Giving are working in partnership to distribute Islington Food Fund grants. We are inviting applications from existing organisations in the borough, to provide support to those experiencing food insecurity as the impact of the cost-of-living crisis intensifies.  

This is a call for the Round 3 grants, that all and only successful Round 1 applicants from the 2023 scheme are eligible to apply for. The budget for this round is a bit smaller than last year’s – £120,000. We are targeting the fund to support two food service categories:

1) A small grant of £1000 to support small food services and/or foodbanks.

2) A larger grant for projects and initiatives that deliver on goals and outcomes in the Islington Food Strategy 2023-2028. In this category of funding, we are particularly interested in addressing the following areas in the food strategy:

  • Identify opportunities to build communal kitchen capacity across the borough.
  • Develop a mechanism to support uptake and maintenance of food cooperatives in the borough.
  • We are also interested in work that helps combat food insecurity for young people. This may include offering opportunities for young people to access and prepare food.

We expect to award about four to five grants under this category. In the second round, we made three grants of £20k each.

Note: You can only apply for one of the categories, not both i.e. small, operational grant or a larger development grant.

"The Islington Food Partnership is a broad coalition of local organisations and individuals working together to build a thriving local food system for Islington."

Expression of interest

To apply for either the small grant or large grant, please complete a short Expression of Interest, and for the large grant, the second stage application by Monday 25th March, at 9am

Alternatively, and if you would prefer, you are invited to email our Programme Manager on victor.momodu@cripplegate.org.uk

For the small category, please send us an Expression of Interest, to cover (i) who you are and what your service does, (ii) who you target and (iii) three things you have achieved for those you support in the last 12months. Please keep this as brief as possible.

For the large grant category, please write up to a 200-word maximum description of what the project would do and the strategic priorities it would support. This will help us with a better understanding of what the project intends to achieve. 

Any questions? Please get in touch!

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything further, please email victor.momodu@cripplegate.org.uk or call  020 7288 6942. 

This Fund is a generous donation from Google.