Make it Happen Fund

Islington Food Fund – Round 2 

Islington Food Partnership and Islington Giving are working together to distribute round 2 of the Islington Food Fund grants. This fund is by invite only and open to groups successful in round 1 of the Islington Food Fund in January 2023.

The budget for this round is £60,000, and will provide grants for three new projects and initiatives that deliver on goals and outcomes in the Islington Food Strategy 2023-2028. Organisations are invited to apply for projects with costs no higher than £20,000, to be delivered over the course of 12 months.

Round 2 grant process

We will take a flexible approach to the distribution of Round 2 grants, so that these can be designed to the strengths and approaches of the applicants. We also will only ask for a short application, to minimise time spent in the application process.

1.      Organisations are invited to read through the Islington Food Strategy 2023-2028 and summary below to identify potential project ideas they may wish to pursue. Organisations can join the online Introduction to the Islington Food Strategy 2023-2028 session on Monday 6th March from 12-12.30pm to hear more about the strategy.

2.      Those interested in applying are invited to email alex@manorgardenscentre.org and victor.momodu@cripplegate.org.uk as an Expression of Interest, and to receive a link to the online application form. You do not need to include any project information in your Expression of Interest, but please tell us if you wish to book an informal discussion slot with Alex Britten, Chair of the Islington Food Partnership. Please provide your availability on Thursday 16th March and Wednesday 22nd March if so.

3.      Individual 30-minute discussion slots will be available with Alex Britten, Chair of the Islington Food Partnership, on Thursday 16th March and Wednesday 22nd March. These slots will be available for anyone that wants to hear more about the Islington Food Strategy, the /priorities and projects within it, and to discuss any other project ideas they may have.

4.      Organisations will submit their applications by Friday 14th April at 12pm.

5.      The panel will meet to agree on the awarding of the funding, and applicants will be informed of the outcome by the end of April 2023.

Please note: The Islington Food Partnership hopes that further funding will be secured to fund additional strategic projects. Therefore we will keep all potential ideas in mind, and applicants may be invited to submit a project proposal and plan in future, should additional funding be secured.

The closing date for applications is Friday 14th April 2023 at 12pm.

How to apply

Please read the Application Guidelines and the Islington Food Strategy 2023-2028 before applying. You can apply online here or download the application form using the links below.