‘Our Generation’ – a poem inspired by ‘Lost Generation’

Ann and Lorraine

“Many of the women we work with don’t have access to smart device”

portrait of Sadia Ali Islington

“Somali women participants took part in the project despite their super busy schedules”

Portrait of older woman in the living room

“Women have lost their main relief outlets, such as going to market, spending time outdoors…”

Thoughtful black woman wearing a facemask on the street

“Single mothers struggled a lot with homeschooling due to language barriers”

Portrait of disabled woman with her mother at home

“In the past year, we have met and supported so many incredible women”

Adult woman exercising at home during quarantine with daughter

“I go from one care-giving job to another over 24 hours”

“The Festive Season is going to be very, very different this year”  

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