Partner spotlight: Providing affordable, sustainable food for north Islington’s diverse communities

Islington Food Fund

Thanks to a grant from the Islington Giving Food Fund, Manor Gardens Welfare Trust were able to establish a new food co-op, where clients can choose from a range of ingredients and carry out weekly shops for £3.

Over 49 weeks, 172 clients accessed the co-op, totalling 720 visits. Thanks to building new relationships with the Felix Project and a local cash and carry, each week the co-op receives a variety of foods including meat, tinned goods, bakery items, fresh fruit, and vegetables. The purchase of a new fridge-freezer means that surplus items can now be stored for the next session, reducing waste.

“I have three children, and my husband is disabled. I can’t go out for an extended period as I can’t leave my husband alone. Having a local food co-op round the corner is brilliant. I can buy lots of things for £3 and the staff are really helpful” Co-op member

The funding also facilitated the recruitment of 18 volunteers from diverse ethnic backgrounds, whose skills and perspectives benefit the project greatly and ensure the co-op is accessible and responsive to varying community needs.

In addition to improved access to affordable food options for families, the co-op offers engaging free activities such as yoga, seasonal celebrations, and coffee mornings, which cultivate a sense of community and well-being.