“Somali women participants took part in the project despite their super busy schedules”

portrait of Sadia Ali Islington

International Women’s Day 2021 #IWD2021


Story by Sadia Ali, Minority Matters 


Most of the women we work with are care workers, providing essential services to our most vulnerable elders. They had to adapt to protecting themselves from Covid-19 and their vulnerable clients. Women worked tirelessly, round the clock, combining increased additional home responsibilities and work responsibilities, following evolving government guidelines.  

Among other things, women had to supervise children’s online school learning, and many struggled with new systems They had to quickly adapt and learn, seeking help from voluntary organisations where needed. 

Minority Matters continued to provide online and telephone advice to parents with criminally groomed and exploited children and young people as well as educational support and community engagement initiatives.  

Although women’s challenges were unprecedented, we’re proud to have delivered, in partnership with Islington Council, our Somali Women Champions workshops. 30 Somali women  took part in the project and despite their super busy schedules, attendance was 80% and over.