“Women have lost their main relief outlets, such as going to market, spending time outdoors…”

Portrait of older woman in the living room

International Women’s Day 2021 #IWD2021

Story by Ellie Angus, MEWSo 


MEWSo was among the first organisations to move to online service delivery in early March.

Through the year we managed to support many new women who had heard about us by friends or female relatives.

Because of the lockdown, women have lost their main relief outlets, such as going to the market, spending time outdoors, talking to friends or female family members, and even going to work. So we designed a range of new activities to ensure they maintain social connections. As well as increasing our support around domestic violence and welfare, we are now offering a variety of social activities, from Mum and Baby Club and a singing choir to art therapy and mindfulness sessions. We also recruited many new befrienders and organised several live streaming art festivals and conferences that you can watch.