The Parent Voice Group – Cost of Living Report

The Parent Voice Group are a vibrant group of 12 Islington parents who reflect Islington’s diverse communities. They have been conducting research for two years, speaking to 64 parents from 9 separate groups, using Participatory Appraisal and community research techniques.

A big thank you to the Parent Voice Group at The Parent House for sharing key findings from their important community led research on the impact of the cost of living on parents, and proposed solutions.

“We are the Parent Voice Group. We want to be part of the solution. We hope you will join us!” 

These were the top three issues that arose for parents at all 9 settings

  • Parents were experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety and guilt
  •  Parents wanted advice on how to budget and save money
  • Parents wanted to get support with getting employment that could support their families

In response to this during the Autumn term 2023, The PV group are currently using parents’ ideas drawn from this research to prioritise these actions,

  • Set up free relevant workshops in local venues
  • Organise an event to influence Islington services Parents and professionals will be invited to hear about the research and the results
  • Train TPH workers in the use of Turn2us grant online calculators to teach to other Islington parents at Coffee Mornings
  • Train TPH staff and volunteers in the use of Money Helper online calculators

The Parent House Group have a presentation that they can give, if you would like to know more about this work. Visit The Parent House website for more details.

We ended on this short and powerful poem – “I choose to see the greater good within me…”